Playgrounds-R-Us Winnipeg, MB

  • Play Will Always Shape Us.

    Playgrounds and play experiences help kids learn about themselves and those around them, shaping their future and who they will become.  Watch our newest video that builds on the first one from 2016.

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  • NEW! Hedra™

    The unique geometric configuration and continuous circuits create a hive of evolving play that encourages exploration. Kids enjoy novel play experiences, time after time.

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  • NEW! Hedra™ Scout

    Introduce young players to the many benefits of dynamic play on the Hedra™ Scout. Developmentally appropriate activities populate this geometric circuit of continuous exploration.

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  • NEW! Hedra™ Towers

    Connect one or more Hedra Towers to bring additional dimension to the adventure. These custom towers can be configured to include your favorite components and materials options.

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  • NEW! Super Netplex®

    The Super Netplex offers height, accessibility and visibility with lots of climbing, spinning, bouncy fun and plenty of places to hang out, any one of the following four preconfigured Super Netplex designs will be a fantastic addition to the playground.

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  • NEW! SkyWays® Single Post Hypar Shade

    SkyWays® Single Post Hypar shade structures require minimal space while the unique shape of the Hypar sail maximizes shade from the sun. Available in a wide variety of sizes and is available with Rapid Release®.

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  • Grants & Funding

    Playground grants can assist you with receiving the funds you need to make your project come to life. While we don't offer grants directly, we have provided you with a list of grants broken down by Province. Contact us for further grant support.

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New Products

The HealthBeat® outdoor fitness system offers outdoor exercise for all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

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Recent Projects

The Playgrounds-R-Us crew is always installing new playspaces for children of all abilites in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, & Northwestern Ontario, Canada.

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Grants and Funding

We have provided you with a list of grants for Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwestern Ontario, Canada.

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What's New

Playgrounds R Us President Bob Lacroix

Westdale Park, Winnipeg Manitoba

PlayBooster, Evos, Weevos and PebbleFlex protective surfacing. This Project was installed by Playgrounds-R-Us in-house crew and featured in the Winnipeg Free Press

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Playgrounds R Us President Bob Lacroix

Beaumont Park in Winnipeg

This Project was installed by Playgrounds-R-Us in-house crew

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