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  • For a Better Tomorrow We Play Today.

    Playgrounds and play experiences help kids learn about themselves and those around them, shaping their future and who they will become. That’s why, for a better tomorrow, we play today

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  • NEW! Global Motion

    Climb, rotate and explore! The Global Motion™ provides a ton of thrills and a unique play experience to your play space!

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  • NEW! GeoPlex

    A great way to Introduce multiple configurations of climbing fun to any play space! GeoPlex™ panels can be transformed into a wide range of climbers, towers and much more for kids ages 5-12.

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  • NEW!Smart Play®: Nook 6-23 Months

    The Smart Play®: Nook is a colourful structure loaded with 20 interactive activities designed to benefit kids from ages 6 - 23 months.

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  • NEW!Smart Play®: Loft 2-5

    The Smart Play®: Loft 2-5 is challenging and a whole lot of fun! This stucture leads children into imaginative play with plenty of learning activities to enjoy.

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  • NEW!Double Swoosh Slide®

    The Double Swoosh Slide® is our steepest double racer slide! It is currently available in 8' height to give you a thrill of a ride!

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  • NEW!WhooshWinder™ Slide

    The WhooshWinder™ Slide gives kids an exhilerating thrill on this fast and twisty ride.

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  • Grants & Funding

    Playground grants can assist you with receiving the funds you need to make your project come to life. While we don't offer grants directly, we have provided you with a list of grants broken down by Province. Contact us for further grant support.

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New Products

The HealthBeat® outdoor fitness system offers outdoor exercise for all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

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Recent Projects

The Playgrounds-R-Us crew is always installing new playspaces for children of all abilites in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, & Northwestern Ontario, Canada.

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Grants and Funding

We have provided you with a list of grants for Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwestern Ontario, Canada.

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What's New

Playgrounds R Us President Bob Lacroix

Westdale Park, Winnipeg Manitoba

PlayBooster, Evos, Weevos and PebbleFlex protective surfacing. This Project was installed by Playgrounds-R-Us in-house crew and featured in the Winnipeg Free Press

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Playgrounds R Us President Bob Lacroix

Beaumont Park in Winnipeg

This Project was installed by Playgrounds-R-Us in-house crew

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