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  • The new SmartPlay Volo

    NEW! Volo™

    The Smart Play® Volo™ is a dynamic play structure designed for endless fun for all. The revolutionary LSI Flexx™ steel-reinforced cable netting ensures seamless connectivity throughout the inner play ring, offering children of varying abilities a wide array of play experiences and access to all levels of Volo.

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  • We Come Back To Play.

    Remember the moments that define our childhood. Our best moments often began in play. And that’s why we always come back to play. Watch the newest installment in the Shaped by Play video series.

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  • NEW! We-Go-Swing™

    Landscape Structures Inc. is breaking berriers with the We-Go-Swing™. Designed to be integrated into the playground setting, this first no-transfer swing lets kids of all abilities play together and experience the thrill of swinging.

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  • NEW! WhirlyQ™ Spinner

    The New WhirlyQ™ Spinner is a mid-sized freestanding spinner that is fast, fun and safe, accomodating a large number of kids so that everyone can play together.

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  • NEW! Hedra® Swing Frame

    The Hedra® Swing Frame extends the unique geometric appearance of the Hedra playstructures to swinging fun, and can also lend visual interest to any play environment.

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  • NEW! Billows

    A thrilling atmospheric adventure with built-in shade that floats above like clouds, encouraging imaginations to soar and kids to enjoy a rich sensory experience.

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  • NEW! BeachComber

    Ride the wild surf on this wavy playstructures that creates seaworthy adventures as they sail across, wind their way down, and plop-plop-plop over for hours of nautical fun.

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  • NEW! Tree Tops

    Wondrously abstract playstructure that gives kids the sense of exporing among the treetops. Interconnected activities sparks hours of imaginative play and adventure.

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  • NEW! Aquatix Water Play

    Aquatix leads the way with imaginative designs that pack plenty of interactive surprises. New contemporary structures encourage kids to experience water in novel ways through game-based events and innovative cause-and-effect activities that offer an inclusive, sensory-rich and age-appropriate play experience in water.

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  • Grants & Funding

    Playground grants can assist you with receiving the funds you need to make your project come to life. While we don't offer grants directly, we have provided you with a list of grants broken down by Province. Contact us for further grant support.

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New Products

The HealthBeat® outdoor fitness system offers outdoor exercise for all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

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Recent Projects

The Playgrounds-R-Us crew is always installing new playspaces for children of all abilites in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, & Northwestern Ontario, Canada.

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Grants and Funding

We have provided you with a list of grants for Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwestern Ontario, Canada.

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What's New

Landscape Structures Inc. Playbooster Playground at Westdale Park in Winnipeg

Westdale Park, Winnipeg Manitoba

PlayBooster, Evos, Weevos and PebbleFlex protective surfacing. This Project was installed by Playgrounds-R-Us in-house crew and featured in the Winnipeg Free Press

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Landscape Structures Inc. Playbooster Playground at Beaumont Park in Winnipeg

Beaumont Park in Winnipeg

This Project was installed by Playgrounds-R-Us in-house crew

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