Splash Pad & Water Park Equipement

Aquatix by Landscape Structures Inc.


Cool Topper Shade Systems provide comfort, style and fun to any play space

With nearly four decades of expertise in water-related ventures, Aquatix® (formerly known as Aquatic Recreation Company) stands out as a frontrunner in the design, manufacturing, and construction of water features, splash parks, and spray parks. Pioneering cutting-edge recirculation systems, the company offers a sustainable solution that allows for extended periods of creative water-based activities without the constraints of water consumption limits. Notably, Aquatix is the sole commercial splash pad manufacturer to provide a fully UL Listed system.


In a strategic collaboration with the prominent playground equipment manufacturer, Landscape Structures Inc., Aquatix aims to apply its innovative design approach to craft imaginative new water experiences. Both Aquatix and Landscape Structures Inc. are recognized for their forward-thinking designs, industry leadership, and comprehensive expertise in play.


Aquatix, with its in-house design and engineering capabilities, focuses on creating interactive water park and splash pad products that inspire children to engage with water in unique ways. From target-and-spray features to cascading buckets and ground sprays, our water products deliver an inclusive and sensorially enriching play experience for children of all ages and abilities. Adhering to ADA standards for accessibility in water play, Aquatix products are committed to inclusivity. The company also prioritizes sustainability through the use of recycled materials and environmentally conscious manufacturing practices, offering versatility with water play designs using stainless steel, fiberglass, and GFRC materials.



AquaSmart® Packages


Cool Topper Shade Systems provide comfort, style and fun to any play space

Introducing our exciting new splash pad packages, ready for easy installation and powered by HydroLogix®. The distinctive technology behind HydroLogix not only makes these water play packages innovative but also remarkably cost-effective.


HydroLogix eliminates the need for expensive electrical installations, operating effortlessly with just a push of a button. Now, you can set up these self-contained splash pads virtually anywhere, especially in areas where electrical service is impractical or undesirable. With no power bills and the avoidance of potential power failures, this low-water-flow option significantly decreases water consumption while still offering abundant opportunities for splashing fun. Without the necessity for a mechanical room or a large vault, all available space can be dedicated to creating an enjoyable aqua play environment.


Splash pads powered by HydroLogix put kids in charge of the action. A single push activates the entire splash pad, and when the water shuts off, children turn it into part of the game as they rush back to start the splashing all over again. AquaSmart® Packages are designed to fit perfectly in smaller pocket parks, daycare facilities, and compact urban areas. Place one adjacent to a playground or alongside a larger splash pad for a low-volume option. Installing an AquaSmart Package is not only simpler and faster but also requires less permitting, making it an ideal project for a community build. AquaSmart Packages powered by HydroLogix offer years of sun-soaked fun and demand minimal maintenance compared to electronic solutions. This durability is thanks to HydroLogix's robust, vandal-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and component-failure-resistant stainless steel construction.