NEW Arrivals

NEW! Global Motion™

Climb, rotate and explore! The Global Motion™ provides a ton of thrills and a unique play experience to your play space.



NEW! Smart Play®: Loft

Smart Play®: Loft is challenging and a whole lot of fun! This stucture leads children ages 2 - 5 into imaginative play with plenty of learning activities to enjoy!



NEW! Smart Play®: Nook

Smart Play®: Nook is a colourful structure loaded with 20 interactive activities designed to benefit kids from ages 6 - 23 months.



NEW! WhooshWinder™ Slide

The PlayBooster® WhooshWinder™ Slide is guaranteed to give kids a fast, twisty ride down!  The slide is available in 6, 8, 10 and even 12 foot heights!


NEW! Double Swoosh Slide®

The PlayBooster® Double Swoosh Slide® is Landscape Structures' steepest double racer slide! Now available in 8' height!  This slide will give you the thrill everyone is looking for!


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